The only course of its kind in Southern California!

Mas Vidal’s: Ayurveda Wellness Consultant Program

An integral Ayurvedic counseling program for yoga teachers, healers and lifestyle enthusiast.


Program Overview

This integral certification program is focused on prevention of health related issues and the promotion of ayus or longevity through a balanced and healthy life. The course seeks to improve the mind-body relationship through the wisdom of ayurveda and its themes of seasonal synchronicity (ritucharya), detoxification (pancha karma) and with a strong emphasis on psychology (manasa shastra). The program also holds to a sound foundation of therapeutics combined with spirituality as found in the traditional form of Ayurveda taught in India. The AWCP provides a well-rounded educational experience in Ayurveda’s fundamental principles that embraces counseling, therapeutics and lifestyle.

Today, more and more yoga teachers are looking to expand their teaching skills beyond just postural practices and thus, this program was designed to help bridge the mind-body relationship, which is often absent from commercial yoga asana training programs. The AWCP also provides alternative health practitioners a broader approach to healing through Ayurvedic lifestyle enhancement principles. AWCP follows an energy-based approach to health and wellness that is designed to integrate well with any methodology of healing.

Mas Vidal

Founder, Dancing Shiva Yoga Ayurveda

 Yogi, mystic, and practitioner of Ayurveda, Mas has become one of the most influential yoga and Ayurveda teachers in the world and offers unique certification training programs throughout the USA, Asia, and India. Mas enjoys teaching integral yoga classes, offering health and wellness lectures and giving workshops that embrace core Ayurvedic principles.
His work is primarily influenced by the lineage-based traditions of India, with prominence to the teachings of Yogananda and Sivananda. In 2014 he appeared in the triumphant film “Awake, The Life Of Yogananda” and as an Ayurvedic practitioner, he maintains an active international counseling practice that includes yoga and Vedic astrology. He is the founder/director of Dancing Shiva Yoga Ayurveda, an international non-profit educational organization and center based in Southern California.
Under Mas Vidal’s direction DSYA has been recognized internationally for developing a strong balance between the mind-body relationship and the spiritual principles emphasized in both yoga and ayurveda. Mas Vidal strongly encourages education in a practical sense and as a way of life in his dynamic yoga classes (see schedule). The center is aligned with various notable institutions of health and wellness, spirituality and higher learning throughout the United States, Europe and India and maintains interaction in the areas of consulting, research and providing educational materials.

Course Topics Include:

Educational Format Includes:


  • 6 months in duration totaling 300 Hours (Plus 2 months for special assignments)
  • 6 weekend (Sat & Sun) intensives – In class or live streamed. (8am – 6pm)
  • Virtual classes and online lectures
  • Reading material, home study and special workshops.
  • Two Format Options*- In class intensive or live stream. The weekend intensives are all live streamed and recorded for viewing at your own schedule to supplement your course studies.
  • Online Testing: Mid term and Final examination.
  • India 100 Hour Intensive Option (See India Program listed)

2018 Course Dates

4/14 – 4/15

5/19 – 5/20

6/9 – 6/10

7/14 – 7/15

8/18 – 8/19

9/29 – 9/30

Prerequisites & Requirements for completion:

  • Students should have a High School diploma or equivalent and Dancing Shiva also recommends basic Anatomy and Physiology however it is not required for enrollment.
  • We also recommend having completed some basic yoga certifications or even the Dancing Shiva 200 hour Yoga and Ayurveda online program, although this is not required to register for this program.
  • Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of live classes and should only resort to live streaming or pre-recorded classes as a compliment to their studies when actual participation in class may not be possible.

2018 Additional Workshops with Mas Vidal!

Hours may be applied toward NAMA’s 600 hour Ayurveda Health Counselor Certification

1/20 – 1:00 – 3:30pm – Yoga + Ayurveda for Evolutionary Living Part 1

3/17 – 1:00 – 3:30pm – Yoga + Ayurveda for Evolutionary Living Part 2

4/8 – 12:15 – 5:15pm – Ayurveda +  Yoga Synthesis: The Supreme Relationship for a Balanced Practice

10/20 – 12:30 – 5:30pm – Yoga + Ayurveda: A Balanced Path to Wellness

11/18 – 12:00 – 5:45pm – 5 Element Theory for a Therapeutic Relationship

How do I Register?
Both registration and payment can be done on our website at

If you need help doing this please call us at 323 934 8332 and we can also take care of this over the phone. We encourage you to read and review this catalog and all its details prior to registering.

  • Complete the registration form on our website.
  • Choose your payment option on our website.


Program Hours

Ayurveda Wellness Consultant Program

Each section includes reading assignments, home exercises and special projects. Testing is taken at mid-term and then a final exam. Intensive classes provide theoretical knowledge combined with techniques and training. Each day also accounts for reading and special homework exercises.

Live Curriculum – 120 Hours

Online Classes – 25 Hours

These monthly sessions include expanded support on the topics covered in the weekend intensives. Through video conferencing the faculty will cover a vast array of material to supplement the core topics listed in the curriculum. Students are required to participate in these live-streamed classes or there will also be the option to view these from archives in the classroom library. Classes will take place bi-monthly and schedule is subject to change as per holidays and other factors.

Homework – 75 Hours

Reading from course manual Reading from course books Online testing Home study exercises and research projects

Client Case Study – 50 Hours

Students will be required to arrange 5 client case studies for completion of the program. This requires performing a comprehensive intake, note taking, creating a summary of facts and information, determine a persons constitution and imbalances, create a diet plan, lifestyle plan, yoga program and then present materials for review by the program director and board members. Approximately ten hours should be spent on each client case which includes initial session, re-editing notes taken during the initial session, researching and categorizing the findings, follow up to give the client plan for implementation and then a third follow up to assess the improvements etc… This provides the initial foundation for developing a counseling practice.

Special Presentation – 30 Hours

Students are required to prepare a special presentation to be presented to fellow classmates or friends, family and to the public. This requires choosing a topic to speak on which should be submitted to the program director or coordinator for approval and comments. This is to be completed after the last weekend intensive according to your schedule. Basic structure to include: • PowerPoint • Minimum of 20 slides • Should include images, descriptions and charts and references (bibliography) • Presentation should be a minimum of hour in duration • The file should be submitted to the program director or coordinator after the public presentation has been completed.

List of Subjects
  • DSA 101: History and Foundations of Ayurveda __________one day/10 hours (Veda, Samkhya and Sharir)
  • DSA 102: Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology______________one day/10 hours (Dosha, Dhatu Mala, Vigyan)
  • DSA 103: Ayurvedic Psychology_________________________one day/10 hours (Manasa Shastra)
  • DSA 104: Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking__________________ one day/10 hours (Ahara Vigyan)
  • DSA 105: Constitutional Analysis_________________________ one day/10 hours (Prakriti-Vikriti and Agni)
  • DSA 106: Hatha Yoga Therapy and Prana Chikitsa____________ one day/10 hours (Yoga and Prana Vigyan)
  • DSA 107: Herbology_____________________________________ one day/10 hours (Dravya Guna Shastra)
  • DSA 108: Detoxification and Purification___________________ one day/10 hours (Pancha Karma)
  • DSA 109: Preventative Medicine__________________________ one day/10 hours (Svastha Vritta)
  • DSA 110: Disease Pathology and Management_______________ one day/10 hours (Roga Nidan & Kaya Chikitsa)
  • DSA 111: Sister Sciences: Integral Yoga and Vedic Astrology___ one day/10 hours (Raja Yoga and Jyotish)
  • DSA 112: Integration & Lifestyle Counseling_______________ one day/10 hours


Recommended and Required Reading List
Note: Some sections from these texts will be required reading and will be assigned as homework or supplemental reading by our faculty. Required books are listed in bold.

  • Vedic Counseling by David Frawley & Suhas Kshirsagar
  • Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley
  • Ayurvedic Healing by David Frawley
  • Sun, Moon and Earth by Mas Vidal
  • Natures Medicine by David Frawley and Subhash Ranade
  • Yoga and Vedic Astrology by Sam Geppi
  • Ayurveda: A Quick Reference Handbook by Manisha Kshirsagar
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking by Sunanda Ranade
  • Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty by Manisha Kshirsagar
  • Text Book of Ayurveda: Volumes 1 & 2 by Dr. Vasant Lad
Tuition and Fees
REGISTRATION FEE:___________________________ $195 (One time & non-refundable)

(Application review, course manual and handouts & certificate)

 DEPOSIT________________________________ $500 (Non- Refundable)


 FULL PROGRAM PAYMENT _______________ $3,575

 THREE PAYMENT OPTION: _________________ $1,217 (Three payments of $1,217 made on the same date every other month)

 SIX PAYMENT OPTION: ____________________ $631 (Six monthly payments of $631 on the same date every month)

*All payments are to be made online on our website. A portion of our proceeds is donated to a number of charities and non-profit organizations associated with Dancing Shiva. These include Self Realization Fellowship, Yoga Research Foundation and Animal Advocacy organizations such as Farm Sanctuary. For more information visit our Resources section on the website.


Refund Policy

 Program Registration fees are Non-Refundable.

 Program Deposits are Non-Refundable.

 Online or Virtual Program is non-refundable.

 Tuition’s are nonrefundable with if a student chooses to cancel and withdraw registration from the program on or after the first day of class. An email cancelation request is required and should be emailed to

 Refunds will be issued within two weeks from date of the cancellation email. All program cancellation letters should be emailed to:

 Credit Considerations: If a student for some reason because of illness or other a family related emergency cannot attend the program then a credit will be considered. Credit for the program can be used for the same course offered either online or at any of our locations the within a 6-month period. Please email us at

Accredited Affiliations
Once you have completed the requirements for the program you will receive a certificate of completion for 300 hours. There is no requirement to affiliate with any Ayurvedic associations and there are no limitations to applying these skills in your work or for personal enhancement. However, for those interested in having their studies recognized as per the standards acknowledged by these organizations can do so. The two main Ayurvedic based associations are the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and the other is Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA). We recommend the former since we have been aligned with them from the beginning and they seem to be leading the Ayurvedic movement towards licensure in the USA. Each of these associations provides their own criteria and standards measured by the number of hours of study. All students that complete this program will become eligible to earn credit according to requirements approved by NAMA. Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education (PACE) credits are required for NAMA members. To apply for credit you will have to register with NAMA, upload your certificate on the NAMA website and then your completion will be reviewed and your PACE credits will be posted to the Professional Development section of your Member Profile. Additionally, the Dancing Shiva AWCP hours can also be applied as continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance (YA). Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance would fall under the “yoga philosophy” category, which requires a base minimum of 30 hours over a three-year period. You might find some of the below FAQ’s helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is Ayurveda a legal or licensed medical system in the USA?

Recently, a bill was passed in ten states stating that residents of those states can approach non-licensed healing practitioners or counselors with informed consent. These states are (Rhode Island, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico). Currently, Ayurveda is not a licensed medical system in the USA.

2. Is Ayurveda regulated in any manner by each State or local governments?

No, it is not. Ayurveda is not at all regulated or licensed in the USA at any level, state or federal. There are basic competency standards set by private schools that have received state approval. In this regard practitioners are advised how to legally practice within a certain scope of practice that has limitations. Certain aspects of ayurvedic clinical practice may fall into the scope of professions like Traditional Chinese Medicine or Massage therapy. It is advised that Dancing Shiva students of Ayurveda not casually cross over into a profession that is regulated. This will vary on a state by state or city by city basis and you might consider exploring such details for the area which you live.

3. What is the total cost of the program?

The current total tuition for Dancing Shiva Ayurveda program is $3,575. This does not include the registration fee.

4. Are there any educational requirements to take this Ayurveda program?

Not really much because we feel that anyone can benefit from taking such a course. However, we do ask that registrants have at least attained a High School diploma and we also suggest some basic study either personally or through local college in Anatomy and Physiology.

5. Does Dancing Shiva offer complimentary courses or programs that would support this Ayurveda program?

Yes. Specifically, the India Ayurveda Intensive is a great compliment to this course as it takes you into the heart of an authentic Indian University where you can experience and learn how Ayurveda is taught in its native country. It also provides the clinical experience and compliment to the AWCP.

6. What can I do with the certification from this program when I am completed?

You have many options especially if you are already a yoga teacher or in the healing field. This wisdom can also be integrated into your current career regardless of what you do? Many of our students offer counseling sessions at health and fitness centers, at schools, spa, resorts and many others. The hours completed in this course will allow you to build a foundation to becoming an ayurvedic practitioner or simply as a consultant. Consultants are considered to be at the elementary level as recognized in the field of ayurveda by two of the main associations in the USA (NAMA & AAPNA). Each has there own structures for giving credit for certification courses such as this one.

7. Can I combine my hours from this certification course with those from a yoga certification course?

Yes. On an educational level its very effective and many people today take multiple certification courses to compliment their teaching and healing work. With regards to registering hours from an ayurveda course with a yoga association like Yoga Alliance it’s highly unlikely unless they are for CEU’s, which you can do. Yoga and Ayurveda are separate teachings according to most all organizations and each organization presents distinct criteria on how they view the efficacy of the practice. We are beginning to see some crossover with certain organizations like NAMA, which is accepting hours towards a Yoga-Ayurveda Therapist as a new category. Which association you align with does not really matter much at all with regards to your ability to practice. These associations simply provide a body that is endorsing efficacy of practice and support of professional standards.

8. Does this Ayurveda program require testing? I have never felt comfortable taking tests and this might discourage me from registering as I often feel much pressure when I have to study or prepare for an exam.

Yes, currently the program requires you take a mid-term and a final exam. These exams are take-home and open book. We want you to learn this information and enjoy the process of researching, reading and reviewing your notes so that can integrate these teachings into your life. What we have learned is that the most successful student is the one who lives the principles of ayurveda. In this manner they become the best teachers, counselors and healers because they have experienced it on them selves.

9. Is attendance mandatory? How important is it that I attend all the meetings? I have some things on my calendar later in the year that may conflict but at same time I do want to complete the course and get my certification.

Attendance to all meetings is required however you will be able to view any live classes that you have missed online and this would suffice as a make up. What you put into this course is what you will get back from it. The power of community is often irreplaceable and absorbing such ancient wisdom may not be as enjoyable.

10. Do you offer counseling services so I can make a decision on which of your programs is best suitable for me? I’m really interested in Ayurveda but I feel that the topic is very deep or advanced for me to learn right now.

The director of Dancing Shiva (Mas Vidal) has specialized in Vedic counseling for many years and has provided sessions for most of the students registered in these courses. If its just a few simple questions he often makes himself available to everyone. However, for a complete integral analysis a session must be booked for a complete review of your astrology and educational and health history. In cases where a new student has no experience or education in the vedic sciences we often recommend taking the 200 hour online yoga and ayurveda program as this provides an excellent foundation for any course and especially for someone wanting to take the Ayurveda Wellness-Consultant program. Again, taking another course is not required it may be something we will recommend if you are wanting to move forward into a field of health and healing.


About Dancing Shiva Yoga and Ayurveda
Dancing Shiva (DS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is dedicated to the education, practice and lifestyle of the great Vedic sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. DS began first began as a center in Los Angeles, California in 2001 and was founded by Mas Vidal and now has affiliations with various centers and organizations around the world. DS is focused on a unified authentic and integral approach to Yoga and Ayurveda. DS has served as one of the original organizations in the USA to offer a complete program certification aimed at achieving the perfect balance of these great systems. DS is mainly focused on education through many unique programs, workshops and individual counseling services. DS offers its programs and services through a network of affiliated schools and organizations at different locations. Join our newsletter to receive updates on everything going on. We encourage you to join us in the global propagation of Yoga and Ayurveda. Our programs offer curriculums based on the traditional wisdom lineages of India that blend science and spirituality for a complete approach to evolution. Our integral educational approach embraces all aspects of the vast knowledge of ayurveda, yoga and jyotish. Our diverse and highly educated faculty, are dedicated practitioners of Ayurveda and live according to the ideals of the yoga tradition.