Yoga Therapy One-on-One

Work one on one with a yoga therapist outside of a group class structure.

Work one on one with a yoga therapist outside of a group class structure to  receive an individualized therapeutic plan that is customized to meet your specific health needs. Whether you are seeking to manage a chronic condition or looking to upgrade outdated habits, a yoga therapist can offer the appropriate tools and practices to assist you in achieving your health and wellness-related goals.

Tools and practices include movement, breath work, meditation and lifestyle modifications to create balance at every layer of being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Anyone can experience the benefits of Yoga Therapy, as the practices are adapted to meet the unique needs of each individual

Yoga Therapy Fee Schedule:


  • New client visit – $99
  • Follow up session package, each visit – $79

Yoga Therapy sessions are offered at:

  • UCI Health/SSIHI Newport Beach
  • 2161 San Joaquin Hills Road
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660

To schedule a consultation or appointment, please call (949) 386-5700



This modality is less about teaching yoga and more about helping patients to overcome their challenges and improve overall health and wellbeing.

After a comprehensive intake, assessment and review of medical and lifestyle factors, the focus will be on addressing specific symptoms and identifying valuable yoga-based, self-care tools and techniques that are customized to their unique needs. Each plan is uniquely tailored to fit each patient and be easily adapted into their lifestyle.


• Builds physical strength
• Increases flexibility
• Improves balance and coordination
• Increases bone density
• Reduces stress
• Calms and focuses the mind
• Improves mental health and cognitive function
• Reduces pain
• Improves sleep


• Musculoskeletal
• Digestive
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Heart Conditions
• Cancer
• Sleep problems
• Pregnancy: Pre-natal/Post-natal
• Mental Health (mild anxiety disorders, grief-loss, trauma)

Yoga Therapists

These are the best yoga classes for patients.

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