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Group Yoga Classes

At Be the Change we believe that Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. We offer a variety of classes in non-heated studios to meet the needs of practitioners of all levels from Therapeutic and Beginners to Flow and Advanced practices.

Our highly trained teachers always offer modifications and posture variations, so students can customize each and every practice. We teach a mindful breath-centered flow practice that blends Vinyasa flow and therapeutic Viniyoga (moving in and out of postures before holding). We place a strong emphasis on safe and creative sequencing and taking time to prepare the body for deeper, more advanced postures. We highly value the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Yoga and incorporate deeper meaning and intention into every practice.



Pricing Options

  • New Students – $49 for 30 days Unlimited Yoga
  • Monthly Unlimited with AutoPay – $108 per month with 3 month commitment
  • One Month Unlimited without AutoPay – $135 per month
  • Single class – $21
  • 5 class package – $95
  • 10 class package – 175
  • Kids / High School and College with valid ID – $15 per class
  • *All drop ins, packages, memberships and trainings are non refundable.

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$49 for 30 days Unlimited Yoga

New Student Intro Offer

Class Schedule

We offer classes seven days a week for students of all levels and backgrounds.

Orange County's Center for Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine

We offer monthly memberships as well as a $15 - $25 sliding scale pricing per class, based on how often students attend and how much they can afford.


Be The Change Yoga

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Donation-Based Model

We believe that EVERYONE should have access to Yoga.“You shouldn’t be denied yoga simply because you can’t afford to go to a class,” states Bryan Kest, founder of donation-based Santa Monica Power Yoga; which has been in operation for 15 years. We are honored to become the first donation-based / hybrid Yoga studio in Orange County. We offer our students unlimited monthly membership options, so they can take as many classes as they want and develop an on-going practice, while still offer a donation range for drop in classes. We ask our students to donate between $15-$25 per class based on how often they attend and how much they can afford. Students can donate at the front desk before class with cash, credit or put funds on an account to be spent later.   Common Questions Q: Does Yoga by donation mean that I do not have to leave a donation if I choose not to? A: Donation-based Yoga does not mean free Yoga. We believe there should be an energetic exchange between the teacher and the student. We require some form of payment to be made per class with a minimum of $15 for the general public or $12 for kids or students; this will sustain Be The Change and compensate the teacher for his/her time and energy. Q: Should I give my donation before or after class? A: We ask all students to donate at the front desk while signing into each class. If you purchased a monthly unlimited membership, you can sign your name and write an ‘M’ by your name. If you are paying per class, you can donate with cash, credit or with a gift card or account payment. Q: Are donations pooled each month and shared equally by all teachers? A: No. Each teacher receives a percentage of the donations received from each class taught. Q: Is it okay to leave nothing one day and leave a larger donation next time? A: Unfortunately not. We ask all our students to donate between$15-$25 per class before entering the class. Join the Movement! “Donation-based Yoga is a movement, ” says Wisconsin’s Yoga Sol founder Flor Frey, “It’s about getting back to the basics, allowing practitioners to pay what they can and making the transformative power of yoga accessible to everyone while creating community.” Be The Change Yoga is honored to actively participate in this movement and support other donation-based Yoga studios in the US and around the world. “I think it’s the wave of the future,” states Bill Peregoy, the owner of Lawrence Yoga Collective in Boston.  

Yoga Etiquette


I’m New to Yoga

Pick the appropriate level class New to yoga? A Beginners, Therapeutic, Restorative / Sound Healing, Meditation class would be appropriate for you. A Level 1-2 class would not be appropriate, as it would be too advanced. Your safety is our main concern. Questions? Feel free to ask our Yoga Advisor: Arrive early If you’re new to the studio, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. If you’re returning, being early shows respect for the teacher and the other students. It helps to arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins to organize the mat and ensure everyone has enough space. All of our Yoga classes begin with 5 minutes of Centering / Meditation, so if you arrive late, please come in quietly and wait for the meditation to conclude before setting up your mat. Refrain from wearing cologne or perfume Some people are sensitive to scents. Remove shoes before entering the studio You can leave your shoes in the lobby or place them in a cubby inside the studio. Set up quietly Avoid slapping your mat down and banging your props around. Treat the studio as sacred space. Please turn off your cell phone We ask that students turn off their cell phones and refrain from using them during class. Introduce yourself to the teacher before class if: 1. You’re pregnant, 2. Recovering from an injury or illness, 3. Are new to yoga. He/she will be able to give you modifications and adjustments as needed. Don’t get attached to your space We all like to be in our comfort zone, and our yoga practice is no exception. Sometime we get attached to a particular spot in the room and claim it as ours. If a teacher asks you to move in order to accommodate other students, please be gracious and give up any attachment to your spot. Listen to your body If something doesn’t feel right, flag the teacher down and let them know. They’ll find another variation or pose for you. There’s no competition here, you don’t have to push through the pain. The first rule of yoga is ahimsa, or kindness, non-harming.Pain means come out of the pose. If your breathing becomes labored, come out of the pose. Acute injuries If you are experiencing an acute injury accompanied by pain, please wait until you are in a pain-free state before attending a group Yoga class. Ex: whiplash after a car accident, torn rotator cuff, sprained ankle, strained low back muscles. If you have a specific injury and are interested in rehabilitation through Yoga, please schedule a private Yoga Therapy session with one of our highly trained Yoga Therapists. Don’t come to class sick If you are experiencing a cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, please wait until your symptoms subside before joining a group Yoga class. End quietly If you’re prone to snoring, you may want to lay on your side rather than on your back during the final relaxation pose. After class, gather your belongings quietly as you exit the room. Drop your cash donations in the box near the door on the way out Keep in mind that voices have a tendency to carry, and there may be another classes going on. Feel free to hang out in the lobby lounge area before or after class Ask questions It is okay to ask questions of the teacher before or after class. Feel free to contact our yoga advisor, Carla Henson with any yoga-related questions.

Yoga FAQ's


New to the studio?

Q. Do I need to bring a yoga mat? A. If you have your own mat, bring it. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered. We provide yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and whatever other props you need. Eventually you’ll want to get your own mat, but for now, you’re welcome to use a studio mat. Q. Do I need to pre-register? A. There’s no need to pre-register for classes. If you’re brand new to the studio, however, plan to arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork and become familiar with the studio. Q. Do I always have to carry cash? A. There are four ways to pay: 1. Cash: There are donation boxes located inside each studio near the door. Place your cash donation AFTER class on your way out. That way your donation doesn’t get mixed up with the donations from the previous class. 2. Credit: Credit card can be made before class at the front desk when you sign in. You can also keep a credit card on file. 3. Create an account: You can pay in advance (cash or credit) by creating an account, say $50 or $100. When signing in, simply put the amount you wish to donate on the signup sheet and it will be deducted from your account. 4. Gift cards: You can place money on an account for another person’s use. Gift cards available upon request. Q. I’m pretty tight. I’m not sure I can do yoga. What do you suggest? A. Flexibility is a result of your yoga practice, not a requirement. The more you practice, the less tight you become. Be the Change Yoga offers plenty of classes to fit your schedule. The following types of yoga would be appropriate for someone new to yoga and/or someone who is tight: “B” for Beginners, “T” for Therapeutic and “R” for Restorative. Q. I just found out I’m pregnant. Is it okay for me to do yoga? A. Yes, yoga is beneficial in handling pregnancy and birth related issues for moms-to-be. If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you can continue your current practice with a few modifications. If you’re new to yoga, it’s best to attend prenatal classes. Q. I’m not sure which class is the right one for me? What do you suggest? A. We have someone on staff who can help you with that. Contact Brie Guerrci, our Front Desk Manager.  She’s happy to answer any questions you might have about yoga, the schedule, particular poses, etc. Feel free to use her as a resource. She can be reached at