Front Desk

transparent-border-x50Our Front Desk Staff is of paramount important. They literally man the ship! They provide the first impression for many of our clients and their job is to not only be the face of BTC but to explain the entirety of what we do as well as educate clients about the donation-based model. We put a lot of faith in our front desk staff and are so thankful for the hard work that they do. Below are a couple key points but please feel free to access the entire FRONT DESK MANUAL below.


  • Open and close the studio
  • Maintain a clean physical space with a comfortable temperature
  • Assist students in signing in for classes and take payments
  • Play uplifting / peaceful music to create a welcoming / calming vibe
  • Give tours to new students and educate them about our services
  • Highlight the Yoga schedule for new students and advise about appropriate classes
  • Remind the Yoga teachers to make event announcements
  • We love for our front desk staff to take our Yoga classes and experience our wellness services, so they can speak from experience
  • Collect and document the cash after each class; while having each teacher sign
  • Make sure the AC is off when classes are not in session and when closing up for the night!

Front Desk Manual


  • Watch sign-in’s – credit card / account / cash – always ask
  • Correct data entry
  • Attendance with revenue reports
  • Enrollments – signed in and paid
  • Negative account balances
  • Showing up as unpaid – how reconcile
  • Getting MBO clean!
  • Hospitality / language
  • Triage
  • Room / Event schedule


  • Schedule is emailed, printed at studio and on Google docs
  • Please let Carla know ASAP if you need a shift covered
  • Please respond to Carla’s emails!

– Be on time or call Carla / Allison / Ashley if you are running late
– Missing shifts without communication is unacceptable
– Check in with previous front desk staff / Allison / Katie and check Communication Notebook to get up to speed
– Check the phone message log
– Look at the classes, appointments and events scheduled for that day
– Pull up the BTC website to use as a resource
– Print out enough schedules, liability waivers and sign-in sheets

– #1 the floors!!!! Most important aspect of our business – clean multiple times per shift
– Please clean the swiffer every shift – we will buy more
– Remove clutter from front desk, clean out / organize drawers
– Dust / organize retail space
– Windex the windows of lobby with mini towels – *we will buy mini stool to reach higher
– Stock the bathrooms and water
– * We will create a cleaning shelf in the bathroom with instructions, as well
as a cleaning schedule
– Allison will take home dirty hand towels and swiffers on Friday and bring back Saturday morning

– Familiarize yourself with the products and pricing
– Refill products – we are not putting all products out there, keeping it simple

– Make sure the temperature is comfortable ex: doors open when warm, only use heat when necessary (always close front door when heat is on). If it smells bad, light a candle or use some spray
– Always have uplifting / peaceful music playing – the vibe is very important
– #1 greetings! Always prioritize new guests who come into the lobby,
make them feel welcome, especially if they look confused
– Offer to give them a tour
– Get out the highlighter and walk them through the Yoga schedule. Always start out by asking, do you plan on practicing in the morning or evening?

– Learn to read the clients to assess their needs and ask them the right questions:
o Have you been here before?
o Have you experienced Yoga?
o We are a donation-based studio – educate them in a simple way.
Suggested donation $10-$20 – do not tell students $5
o If they mention a health condition – talk about acupuncture or yoga
o Triage – your job is to direct them in the right place
o What do you do if someone calls when you’re busy with a customer?

– Take time to know about up-coming events
– We should have an events list in each classroom for teachers to make announcements
– Take time to read over each of our 3 training programs, this is very important. Direct interested 200hr students to Allison and 300hr and Yoga Therapist students to Katie.
– Applications in cabinet or at desk

– Take 1-2 classes per month to get to know the teachers, levels, styles to make recommendations
– When new students come in for a yoga class, ask them how they heard about BTC *we’ll create a google doc to document
– Check in with beginners after class, how did they enjoy it. Feel free to recommend other classes
– New students who call, we ask them to arrive 15 min early to fill out paperwork and meet the teacher, letting him / her know if there are any injuries
– When people check in, make sure they go to the right class ex: the beginners class is in the back studio or if someone looks like they’ve never done Yoga and they want to go to a Level 1⁄2 class, check to make sure it’s the right class
– Watch each person sign in – print name clearly and check appropriate box – a lot of people pay cash and put the amount in the cc box
– Let people know they can keep their credit card on file to make donating easier every time
– If someone’s account is negative, catch them after class and let them know
– After each class, click the report Attendance with Revenue and double check the total amount – once it matches, stamp the paper entered, writing total amount and then screenshot the report and save to the desktop, labeling it by class date and time

– Familiarize yourself with the wellness services we offer. What are they like? What are they good for? Who does what?
– When booking an appointment, make sure it is the right type of appointment. Always look at the package they bought last time Ex: 5 package of acupuncture vs 3 or Yoga Therapy vs Private Yoga
– At the beginning of each shift, look at all the private appointments
– When booking a new client, inform them of our 24 cancellation policy and require that we keep a credit card on file
– While they are in a session, see how many sessions they have left and make sure to check them out with an existing package or have them purchase a new one before they leave. They cannot leave before paying.

– When students want to pay $ on an account, make sure you put the $ in the right account!!
– Students write $ in the credit card box as they have a credit card on file, sometimes the front desk staff won’t see this and will charge their account, making it negative
– Sometimes they put cash amount in credit, you have to watch each step of the process and educate them to use the right box
– Gift cards
– Job applications – if they are interested in teaching yoga, we ask they take classes here first then have them email their resume to – do not give them our phone numbers