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We offer a wide variety of class types for students of all ages and abilities, designed to meet your unique wellness needs.


  • Create a strong, healthy body
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Reduce stress and increase mental clarity
  • Cultivate more joy and purpose
  • Feel supported by community

Experience the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine today!


Pricing Options

$119 / mo (12-month commitment)

$139 / mo (3-month commitment)

$79 / mo (12-month commitment)

$99 / mo (3-month commitment)

New Students

$39 for 2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga

Single Class


Kids / High School and College with valid ID


2 week visitor pass for Non-OC residents

$65 Unlimited Yoga

 *All drop ins, packages, memberships and trainings are non refundable. Click for Membership Terms

Join Katie for a 35-minute Low Back Strengthening Practice!