Aromatherapy + Yoga

Aromatherapy + Yoga (1)

Yoga aims to produce health and well‐being in all the different levels of human existence, brings us awareness to the whole body and optimal balance to our lives.

Just like yoga, aromatherapy, essential oils and their physical therapeutic effects, have been around for thousands of years. They are used to naturally heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

This All Level class is open to everyone, features aromatherapy synergistically blended throughout the practice. The class provides a deep sensory experience and natural therapeutic effects.

We will be featuring the chakra system over the next seven Mondays. The classes will be highlighting each of the energetic chakras blending poses, mantra and aromatherapy perfectly to provide synergistic healing to the mind, body and spirit. (ALL-LEVELS)

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga (A)

Studies have shown how beneficial Yoga is for children; helping them to calm and focus their minds and providing a healthy outlet for their energy. This class is for children ages 4-12. This class will include all-levels yoga postures to improve, strength, balance and coordination, as well as breathing and meditation practices to focus the mind and create a sense of calm. Cost per child is $8 per class. (ALL-LEVELS)

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga (1)

Kundalini focuses on the subtle energetic systems of the body through the practice of kriyas (specific yoga exercises), meditation, breathwork and sound. It is highly recommended that students have previous yoga experience before coming to Kundalini, as this type of yoga is very different than a vinyasa flow style class. (INTERMEDIATE)

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga (A)

A sacred experience to take time out of your day to connect to your baby. This class integrates specific poses to maintain balance in your changing body during all stages of pregnancy. In addition, breath work and meditation techniques will be taught to prepare the mother for childbirth and motherhood. This class provides a safe, supportive community for mothers to share this experience together. (ALL-LEVELS)

Reiki + Yoga (A)

Reiki + Yoga (A)

Reiki is an ancient hands on healing modality, helping to balance the body, mind, and energy.  This all-levels yoga class will consist of slow-moving postures, as well as breathwork and meditation. In addition, students will personally experience the healing practices of Reiki during the poses and the final relaxation. (ALL-LEVELS)

Yoga Lates

Yoga Lates (1)

A combination of yoga postures with the core strengthening techniques of Pilates. This class is designed to help students build strength in all major muscle groups of the body. (INTERMEDIATE)
Yoga Pilates Fusion is a class designed to combine the core strength aspects of Pilates with a complete Yoga practice. The two together in once class creates a unique balance. A physical practice of Yoga and a Pilates practice are only beneficial to each other and combining the two will allow students to gain strength and flexibility in both modalities. This class will feature abdominal work, a gentle flow, breath work, and meditation.

Class Schedule

We offer classes seven days a week for students of all levels and backgrounds.