Strong, Healthy Body

Research reveals that the conditions associated with quarantine led to increased weight gain for many, as well as an increase in de-conditioning. “Once people are tipped off their routines, even for Thanksgiving or a vacation, it’s very easy to fall off their physical activities and good nutrition habits,” said Ciarán Friel, EdD, a behavioral scientist and assistant investigator at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, who studies physical activity.

  • Lack of Exercise – 72%
  • Stress Eating – 70%
  • Difficulty Managing Weight – 63%

We are here to help you reconnect with your body, offering a safe space to slow down, look within and take the time to not only nourish your body but listen to your body’s messages. Yoga postures have been proven to increase strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, neuromuscular patterns, while improving digestion, circulation and immune system functioning.

Roll out your mat and practice with us.

Every time we commit to our practice, gradually but inevitably the benefits accumulate and we upgrade every layer of our being.