300hr Teacher Training Application

Thank you for Considering our 300hr Teacher Training!

6. TUITION 300 hour Therapeutic Yoga Training Program - $600 Registration Fee - $299 per month for 13 months on auto-pay - Total Tuition: $4487
7. REFUND POLICY Our auto-pay program includes a one-time $600 non-refundable registration fee and a $299 per month commitment for 13 months on autopay totaling $4487. If trainee chooses to pay tuition in full, the total is $4350. Trainee will receive a full refund (minus the registration fee) if he / she withdraws from the training at least 3 days before taking any 300hr classes by notifying Be The Change Yoga in writing. If trainee chooses to withdraw from the training after the initial start date, he / she can cancel the monthly auto-pay program. Any tuition paid once classes have been taken is non-refundable. Any unused tuition will remain on trainee’s account for future 300hr Independent Studies classes at then current, a la carte rate, minus a $200 administrative fee. If trainee withdraws from the autopay program and seeks to re-enroll for 300hr certification at a later date, a $200 administrative fee will be required. Trainee will resume autopay at the then current price. If trainee continues enrollment in the auto-pay program but is unable to attend all courses during the 13-month period; he / she can complete the 13-month autopay program and apply the funds towards future 300hr YTT classes and complete the coursework at a later date. The 300hr Yoga Teacher Training program must be completed within a 2-year period.
I agree and accept the following ethical guidelines and will consciously follow them to the best of my abilities as a yoga teacher.Acknowledge the lineage of honorable yoga teachers that came before me and the duty that comes with this profession.Respect the integrity of my vocation and agree to consciously conduct myself in a professional manner as a yoga teacher.Dedicate myself to the continuous study and practice of yoga, as a philosophy and way of life.Create and uphold a safe, clean and welcoming environment for my students to practice and study yoga.Accept all students regardless of age, gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or physical limitations within my scope of knowledge as a teacher.Consciously avoid and abstain from any form of sexual, verbal or physical harassment.Will not give medical advice to students without the necessary medical qualifications and fully understand the scope of my knowledge.Try to live my life in a way that is congruent with the values of the yamas and niyamas. Such as: honesty, kindness, cleanliness, contentment, not stealing, perseverance and self-study.