About Us

Allison and Kate co-founded Be The Change Yoga with the intention of making yoga accessible, creating community and integrating the wide array of tools yoga has to offer to assist our students in creating positive change in all aspects of life. Since then, we’ve grown to become Orange County’s center for higher education and launched OC’s first Yoga Therapist Training Program in 2016! We have developed and implemented yoga therapy research studies with Argosy University and UCI Medical School. We also provide weekly yoga therapy programs for the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living in both English and Spanish for underserved residents. In leading the way for the future of yoga therapy, we are also building relationships with UCI’s Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine and Serve The People Community Health Center.



We believe that EVERYONE should have access to Yoga, regardless of financial limitations. These are timeless tools for self-care that empower us to take better care of ourselves. Originally Yoga was developed as a path to alleviate suffering, a systematic roadmap to help us overcome our accumulated bad habits and replace them with new, better ones. Thus Yoga offers tools to improve body, mind, breath, senses, relationships and lifestyle.

This was the intention behind consciously choosing a donation-based / hybrid model for our studio. We feel very strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Yoga. We offer a donation-based / hybrid model that offers a monthly membership option, so students can attend unlimited classes and develop an on-going Yoga practice; while still allowing students to drop in for individual classes on a donation basis.

Our donation range is between $15-$25 per class and the pricing for kids and students with a valid high school or college ID is $12 per class. This flexible models allows EVERY and ALL practitioners the opportunity to develop an on-going Yoga practice with the intent of creating long-lasting positive change.


  • New Students – $49 for 30 days Unlimited Yoga
  • Monthly Unlimited with AutoPay – $99 per month with 3 month commitment
  • Donation Range – $15-$25 per class (cash, credit or account payment)
  • Kids / High School and College with valid ID – $12 per class (cash, credit or account payment)

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$49 for 30 days Unlimited Yoga

New Student Intro Offer

Donation Range: $15-$25 per class

A la carte options available


We take a lot of pride in being an Intellectual Yoga Studio. Many of our teachers have Master’s degrees, most are Yoga Therapists and all are highly specialized in certain areas. Our goal in the next five years is for all of our teachers to become Yoga Therapists. In all of our group classes, we ask our students about injuries and skillfully adapt our teachings to ensure every students safety. The pacing of our classes is slower than other studios to emphasize the breath, even in more advanced classes, where moving slowly can be a more challenging practice. In addition, we take time every single class to share teachings that provoke our students intellectual curiosity. We believe it’s important to get the wheels turning, to question how we are living, so we can cultivate the courage to find more fulfilling and healthier ways to live.

We are proud to offer the highest level of education in Orange County and are home to OC’s first 850-hour Yoga Therapist Training program; which is a 3.3-year program. The emphasis on educating and empowering our students through the teachings of Yoga is prevalent in all three levels of our Teacher Training Programs. Our teachers not only learn to teach Yoga safely to groups and individual students but also gain a very highly developed understanding of Yoga philosophy and how to integrate these teachings into daily life.


Yoga is not a Religion – the aim of Yoga is to create a calm, joyful, stable mind that perceives reality clearly and makes good choices. The Yoga Sutras say that God is an optional tool on the Yogic path. If you have a religious or spiritual practice, you can insert it into your Yoga practice and it will strengthen that relationship. Whatever you meditate on, you will absorb those qualities; so if you meditate on Christ, you will become more Christ-like, if you meditate on compassion, you will become more compassionate etc.

What’s important to us is that we provide our students with tools to look within, to move past the busyness of the monkey mind and experience a place of inner peace, where the mind is calm and we become more present and loving. When we are able to access this state of consciousness called Yoga, we can see the bigger picture in life and are able to tap into our intuition. To develop a spiritual practice is to be able to connect to our inner wisdom to guide us along this path of life and make choices that lead to improved health and better relationships.

In our group classes, we weave in the more subtle aspects of Yoga such as breath work, meditation, guided visualizations and mantras, as well as uplifting teachings of positive psychology and yogic philosophy to refine the mind and increase joy. One of the aims of Yoga is to remove the blockages in the body and the mind, so we become lighter, healthier, more loving, more patient and compassionate versions of ourselves. The work that we do on the mat, sets the tone for how we interact with the world for the rest of our day – thus asana, pranayama and meditation are a means of living a joyful, purposeful life filled with uplifting relationships.