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4/6 Yoga Therapy for Digestion

April 6, 2019 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


This Workshop is Open to All Students 

Yoga Therapists work with students one-on-one to assist them in creating positive change in all aspects of life. Whether the student is experiencing a specific health condition such as physical, mental, or emotional discomfort, or is looking to upgrade outdated habits; a Yoga Therapist is equipped to develop customized practices to meet the students needs, achieve goals, and faithfully oversee the students progress as they move out of imbalance and towards a state of optimal health and joy. In effect, Yoga Therapists assess and treat the whole person and are considered lifestyle management experts!

Yoga offers several tools that help cleanse, stimulate, aid and encourage good digestive function. Digestive issues are common.  There are many reasons why we may experience an imbalance, sensitive or painful gut. Yoga can help greatly by recalibrating the flight/fight/freeze response and create a better relationship between the brain in the gut and the brain in our head. If you suffer from any digestive issues, yoga can help alleviate symptoms, keep stress in check and prove your overall digestive health. This workshop is for anyone who has experienced symptoms related to the digestion or who want to learn more about yoga tools for simple, easy ways to help improve digestive health.
In this workshop, we will cover:
  • Understanding the importance of our “Agni” digestive fire and the roll it plays in our physical, energetic and emotional being.
  • The Vagus Nerve – Simple techniques to improve tone and its importance to digestion.
  • Breathing to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system of “rest and digest”.
  • Poses that focus on the abdominal area and digestive organs.
  • Stretching and twists that gently create natural movement and flow in areas that are either deplete or over stimulated to help restore balance.


Workshop Info

  • Saturday, April 6th
  • 12:30 – 2:30 pm
  • $25 pre-registration/$35 day of





Alexandra Boggio

alexAlexandra, Certified Usui Reiki Master / Master Teacher, Certified RYT 500 ERYT 200 Yoga Instructor, CNC – Certified Nutritional Consultant and IFHI- Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality, Energy Healer & Meditation Instructor.   She facilities the Reiki Training classes, intern mentorships and ongoing Reiki Healing Group.

Alexandra believes that our Western society places a great emphasis towards treating illness and disease by means of pharmacology. “Where there are amazing lifesaving drugs, often we focus on the symptoms and not the root cause.  This also often leaves out one important aspect of the human body – its amazing ability to heal itself when given the right conditions. This is where energy and Reiki comes in and can be a fantastic complimentary healing modality.” Through the means of Reiki, one gains a greater awareness and sense of empowerment towards healing.

Alexandra’s focus is on self-healing and on using Reiki to maintain balance in one’s life.  Alexandra believes that each person can take responsibility for his or her own healing process and wellness. Her job is to help increase awareness of the subtle body, assist, guide, and provide tools to aid each person’s unique healing journey. 

In addition, Alexandra also works with clients one-on-one.  During a private Healing Session, Alexandra helps the client to identify where the root of the issue lies energetically and helps to develop a sustainable wellness plan.   She works with releasing the blocked and traumatic energy of events from this life, past lives.  Each session includes balancing physical and emotional aspects of the body, chakras (subtle energy centers of the body), clearing  aura (also known as one’s energetic boundaries) and if necessary, removal of energetic attachments.


April 6, 2019
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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