Yoga for Wellbeing Group Classes

Balance the body, calm the mind, and reduce stress.

Commit to a regular practice with our weekly yoga therapy class offerings. Join us for an all-levels yoga practice that is appropriate for students of ages and backgrounds. This class provides in depth explanations of foundational Yoga postures, focusing on alignment, the importance of breath and calming the mind. This class will help you to connect to your body, reduce stress and improve focus on and off the mat, while building strength, improving balance and increasing flexibility.



• Builds physical strength
• Increases flexibility
• Improves balance and coordination
• Increases bone density
• Reduces stress
• Calms and focuses the mind
• Improves mental health and cognitive function
• Reduces pain
• Improves sleep

What to bring to each virtual class:


  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket (optional)
  • Two yoga blocks or thick book (optional)
  • Strap or belt (optional)

Fee: Free, sponsored by Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

Location: Virtual

Contact information: E-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a specific health condition, can I practice Yoga?

All classes are taught by Yoga Therapists who are trained to adapt yogic practices to meet the needs of each student. Before class, please let the instructor know about your condition or diagnosis, so they can offer specific adaptations to ensure your safety. Throughout the class, the instructor will offer modifications for each pose so you can choose the one that feels best for you.

I have never done yoga before, can I start here?

Absolutely, all of our instructors have received the highest level of training as yoga therapists. They will modify the poses to best help your needs.

What if I can’t get down on the floor?

Don’t worry, you can do yoga in a chair or modifications will be introduced to accommodate your needs.

What props do I need?

Every student will need their own yoga mat. If you are committed to a weekly practice, it’s a good idea to invest in two blocks and a couple yoga blankets to use as props throughout the practices to improve comfort and safety. Ask your instructor for recommendations.

Do I need to pre-register?

We ask that all students pre-register at least 1 hour before class to ensure their space in the class and receive the Zoom link. Given the therapeutic nature of each class, space is limited.

Class Instructors

Class Schedule

I appreciated the teacher checked in at the start of class with students what they would like to get out of the class and adapted the class to this.  

I felt both strong and calm after class, a totally different kind of power. I got some heart wrenching news just a few minutes after class ended, but I was able to hold so much more space for myself, emotionally, than I would normally be able to.