Class Types

As a Center for Yoga Therapy and Natural Health, all of our classes are taught by Certified Yoga Therapists or therapeutically trained yoga teachers. We offer more Beginners, Gentle and Therapeutic Yoga classes than any other studio in Orange County! While still offering Advanced Classes, our emphasis is on self-care and transformation for everyBODY!

be Healthy

Therapeutic (T)

A perfect place to start your yoga therapy experience. This therapeutic is class designed for students with specific health conditions, students who are healing from injuries, or anyone wanting to take things slow. The majority of the postures are taught using props for support and alignment for a safe experience. This class will help students to increase flexibility, range of motion and will provide tools to manage pain, such as body awareness, breathwork, and meditation; helping you to live a healthier and happier life. (T – Therapeutic)

be Restored

Restorative + Sound Healing (G)

Slow down, breathe deep and be restored. Restorative Yoga Therapy is a practice to calm the mind and the nervous system; reducing stress and promoting a sense of ease. All of the postures are practiced on the floor, supported with blankets and / or blocks. Postures are held for longer periods of time to release tension in the body and mind. Research has shown that this practice is beneficial in reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression. (G – Gentle, All Levels)
Please bring your own mat, blankets, two blocks and a strap to all gentle and restorative classes.


be Peaceful

Gentle Yoga Therapy (G)

A meditative, gentle fluid moving practice for all levels that invites students to tap into the wisdom of their bodies and move deeper into the spiritual and subtle practices of Yoga. Gentle therapeutic yoga practices have been proven to reduce stress and improve mental / emotional health. By tapping into a calm, balanced state, students will carry this sense of peace and lightness with them throughout the rest of the day. (G – Gentle, All Levels)

Therapy for Injuries AlcheMe Megan McCarver

Beginners (B)

This introductory yoga therapy class is for students of all levels, whether this is your first time or you are an experienced student wanting to come back to the foundations. Yoga Therapy for Beginners (B) provides in depth explanations of foundational Yoga postures, including specific adaptations for your body or health ailments, while focusing on alignment and body mechanics, the importance of breath and calming the mind. This class will help you to improve neuromuscular patterning, reduce stress and improve focus on and off the mat.. (B – Beginners, All Levels)

be Uplifted

Level 1 (1)

This Level 1 yoga therapy practice is designed for students who have a basic knowledge of Yoga postures. This practice offers fluid moving sequences incorporating new poses and meditation techniques; which are adapted to meet the unique need of the individual. This class will uplift you on and off the mat, bringing clarity, lightness and inspiration. (1 – Level 1 Flow, Intermediate)

Aromatherapy + Yoga


Aromatherapy (1)

Yoga therapy aims to produce health and wellbeing in all the different levels of human existence, brings us awareness to the whole body and optimal balance to our lives.

Just like yoga therapy, aromatherapy, essential oils and their physical therapeutic effects, have been around for thousands of years. They are used to naturally heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit.

This All Level yoga therapy class is open to everyone, features aromatherapy synergistically blended throughout the practice. The class provides a deep sensory experience and natural therapeutic effects to calm the mind, relax the body and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

This class integrates the philosophy of the chakra system, to educate students about how to balance the energetic body. The classes will be highlighting each of the energetic chakras blending poses, mantra and aromatherapy perfectly to provide a synergistic sensory therapy experience.

(1 – Level 1 Flow, Intermediate)

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini (1)

Kundalini yoga therapy focuses on balancing the subtle energetic systems of the body, as well as the endocrine system through the practice of kriyas (specific yoga exercises), meditation, breathwork and sound. Practices It is highly recommended that students have previous yoga experience before coming to Kundalini, as this type of yoga is very different than a vinyasa flow style class. (1 – Intermediate)

Vinyasa Yoga

Flow (1) and Flow (2)

This safe, creative and wisdom-based flow practice for experienced students will help improve strength, balance and coordination, while practicing deliberate regulation of the breath and learning to focus the mind. Stronger poses such as arm balances and inversions will be introduced but are optional. We take pride in developing fun yet safe sequences, as well as integrating practical Yogic philosophy into our classes, that will help you to be in the flow of life off the mat as well. (Level 1 and 2 Flow, Intermediate/Advanced)

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal (A)

A sacred experience to take time out of your day to connect to your baby. This yoga therapy class integrates specific poses to maintain balance in your changing body during all stages of pregnancy. In addition, breath work and meditation techniques will be taught to prepare the mother for childbirth and motherhood. This class provides a safe, supportive community for mothers to share this experience together. (A – All Levels)

Reiki + Yoga (A)


Reiki (A)

Reiki is an ancient hands on healing modality, helping to balance the body, mind, and energy. During COVID, our practitioners utilize distance Reiki rather than a hands on application. This all-levels yoga therapy class will consist of slow-moving postures, as well as breathwork and meditation. In addition, students will personally experience the healing practices of Reiki during the poses and the final relaxation. (A – All Levels)