Disease Pathology and Management

DSA 110: Disease Pathology and Management_______________ one day/10 hours

(Roga Nidan & Kaya Chikitsa)

  • Disease Pathology (Roga Nidan)
  • The Process of Disease (Doshas, Seasons, Timings, Climates)
  • Stages and Prognosis of Disease
  • Methods, Techniques of How to Analyze Systemic functions and Identify Physical Signs
  • Tongue, Pulse, Abdomen, Skin, Eyes, Nails
  • How Disease Evolves through the Stages of the Doshas
  • The Etiology of Dosha, Dhatu and Mala
  • Genetic and Karmic Influences on Disease
  • Managing the Signs and Symptoms of Disease
  • Approaching Disease with Palliative (Shamana) and Purification (Shodhana) Therapies

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November 8, 2017