What’s Happening to Our Bones?

Did you know that every 1 in 2 women over the age of 50 will experience a fracture due to bone loss? Bone loss; known as Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, which is an early stage of bone loss, is on the rise. It is a natural process of aging, but some people lose bone mass at a faster rate putting them at a greater risk for fracture.
Dr. Loren Fishman has been interested in yoga’s effect on bone density which prompted him to conduct a study on the effects of yoga on bone density. The study found positive results in increasing bone density and was published in the peer-review journal Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation.

What Can We Do?

Yoga has many benefits to someone with bone loss. Those practicing yoga experience improved balance, better posture, greater range of motion and coordination to name a few. All of these “side effects” of yoga are beneficial when you have bone loss.
Practicing with safety is important no matter what medical conditions you bring with you to the mat and having bone loss is no exception. Join my next workshop to learn the safe range of motion for bone loss as it relates to yoga as well as your every day life. I will also be discussing how bones are built and how that relates to yoga and understanding your Dexa scores. I will be teaching the poses that are being used in the Loren Fishman Method. You will learn how to activate muscles to help encourage the bone building process. There is also a newly confirmed second set of poses, which I will be happy to share!

To experience the benefits of Yoga for Bone Strength yourself, join me for my workshop at Be the Change Yoga on Saturday, October 27th!


About Susan

Susan Kjesbo is a certified yoga therapist, C-IAYT and personally practices with bone loss herself. She was a participant in Loren Fishman’s study regarding yoga’s effect on osteoporotic bone loss and has studied with Loren Fishman and is certified in the Loren Fishman Method. Susan is one of his registered mentor/teachers on the west coast and the only one in Orange County.