Start in the Fall ~ 15 hours


Mentorship (15 hours)

Develop a personal relationship with a teacher and learn to work one-on-one with students!

Once trainees have advanced through Module 1 and Module 2 Courses, they will be eligible to participate in the Mentorship module. We recommend starting this in September / October. To register for this module and be placed with a mentor, please email Trainees will be paired with a mentor who is enrolled in our Yoga Therapist Training, creating a lineage-based support system within our school.

In this module, trainees will learn to work one-on-one with a mentor. Trainees will discuss the various models and concepts of Yoga, as it pertains to their life. The aim is for the student and teacher to build a relationship where the teacher can prescribe customized practices for the student to improve his / her life off the mat. In effect, the student will personally understand time-tested Yoga practices to help the create positive change in every aspect of life: relationships, lifestyle, career, body, mind, breath and spirit. The teacher becomes a reference point, overseeing the student’s progress and provides guidance to fine-tune the student’s practices. As human beings, we tend to lean towards our imbalances and it takes time to transform our behaviors; which is why having an accessible teacher to guide us in this process is invaluable. The goal of Yoga is to create discernment (viveka) so, we as human beings, can make choices that lead to joy rather than suffering.


Students will meet once a month with their mentor for a total of 10 one hour sessions with the aim of integrating the teachings of Yoga into the student’s life. The student will meet with their mentor twice a month for the first three months, then once a month for the last four months.

The topic for each meeting is outlined in advance. Four months into the program, the student will take on his / her own student and will take on the role of the teacher for 5 sessions.

  • Course Title: MOD2MT
  • Contact Hours: 10 hours
  • Non-Contact Hours: 5 hours
  • Cost: Included with other tuition



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September 2, 2016