transparent-border-x50What is Reiki?

What exactly is Reiki? I get this question all the time. Curious students who are sometimes looking to deepen their yoga practice….some just looking for healing in some form. For some it is just a simple question to clarify.

The practice, which has been around for over 100 years, is about connecting and listening to the Higher Intelligence that guides the universe. Rei is a subtle wisdom that permeates everything. Ki is the Japanese word for life force. Some call it Prana, some Qi and some Chi (yes, as in Tai Chi). Working with your vibration and your vibrational field, Reiki is a therapeutic healing practice.

There is science behind all of this too. Our bodies vibrate as all living things vibrate….plants, pets, and people. When we are healthy we vibrate between 62-72 MHz. When the vibration starts to decrease, disease sets in. You can feel it. Your inner voice tells you something is off, that sluggishness or heaviness or maybe just feeling out of balance. I can also feel it in others. Ever been with someone who makes you feel good just being around them? Some call it “mojo”, “vibe” and even “good energy”. I feel lighter, in a better mood instantly. We all have access to this amazing gift.

For me I have always been curious about energy and healing. That was what helped bring me to my first yoga class over 30 years ago. As my yoga practiced continued to deepen I was noticing energy at a much deeper level. My inner voice was telling me there is something more. And just like the inner voice does, it you don’t listen, it gets louder. Hey, we all need healing of some kind throughout our lives right? This amazing gift of touch is calming, grounding nurturing. Somehow it gives me just what I need without a single word. Yes I am still human. I have my meltdowns, frustration, worries….all those moments we all have but being able to tap into this beautiful gift of intuition and healing touch offers me the opportunity to recognize these moments and step outside of them. And just like my yoga practice, Reiki helps me as I move through this life.

A simple technique and easy to learn, Reiki can be offered hands on or off. The student goes through an “attunement” which connects them to the healing Reiki energy. From there a whole new world of exploration opens. Still curious? Listen to that inner voice!

– Karen Duganier, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher

About Karen

A yogi practitioner for 30 years and a teacher for 10, Karen Duganier believes we all contain an innate ability to heal. Pursuing her passion in energy work and as a natural complement to her yoga practice, Karen became a Certified Reiki Master trained in the Usui tradition with an additional Karuna® Reiki Master Certification. Using an intuitive approach ushering the client’s energy toward its own natural state of healing and ease, Karen often blends the use stones and essential oils into her healing sessions. Holding space for each individual, Karen approaches every session with compassion and strives toward making her on table technique unique and meaningful for your life that day, guiding the body toward balance and peace.